NJ Veterans Tax Deduction

Applications for the Veteran Property Tax Deduction of $250.00 may be obtained from the Tax Assessor's Office.

To qualify for the deduction the applicant must be a New Jersey resident and property owner as of October 1st of the preceding year. The applicant must be an honorably discharged veteran with active wartime service during one of the following periods:

Operation Northern/Southern Watch                            

August 27, 1992-March 17, 2003

Operation Iraqi Freedom                                                         

March 19, 2003-Ongoing

Operation Enduring Freedom                                       

September 11, 2001-Ongoing

“Joint Endeavor/Joint Guard”-Bosnia & Herzegovina

November 20, 1995-June 20, 1998

“Restore Hope” Mission-Somalia

December 5, 1992-March 31, 1994

Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Mission

August 2, 1990-February 28, 1991

Panama Peacekeeping Mission

December 20, 1989-January 31, 1990

Grenada Peacekeeping Mission

October 23, 1983-November 21, 1983

Lebanon Peacekeeping Mission

September 26, 1982-December 1, 1987

Vietnam Conflict

December 31, 1960-May 7, 1975

Lebanon Crisis of 1958

July 1, 1958-November 1, 1958

Korean Conflict

June 23, 1950-January 31, 1955

World War II

September 16, 1940-December 31, 1946

World War I11, 1918

The surviving spouse of a veteran or serviceperson who died during war time active duty is entitled to the deduction if they were a resident and property owner of New Jersey as of October 1st of the preceding y

April 6, 1917-November ear. The veteran or serviceperson must have been a resident of New Jersey at the time of death.
For complete eligibility requirements, please carefully review the application.

If the deduction is granted for the current year, a credit will be applied to the November payment due.


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